Heritage Outfitters - Nebraska
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Nebraska Merriam and Rio Grand turkey populations continue to grow despite the annual harvest!

Permits are over the counter with No Draw Required!

There is no minimum age to hunt turkeys in Nebraska!

Our Turkey hunters don't hunt over feeders or in high fences! 

100% Free Range, Wild Turkey, Fair Chase Hunts is what we're about!

Our turkey hunts are conducted on over 15,000 acres of private ground.  The landscape is a mixture of pristine alfalfa filled valleys, mature tree lined creek systems, cedar filled canyon’s and various crop planted fields.  We manage the harvest based on several roosting sites, the amount of birds occupying the sites, as well as how many we target to harvest from each. Proper management insures each hunter the same quality hunt as the next guest.  

Many of our guests are seasoned, long time turkey hunters from across the United States.  
Over and over again they say:  “I’ve never seen so many turkeys on any given property”!!!  Numerous guests come to hunt with us with the specific goal of finishing out their Grand Slam with a Rio and/or Merriam turkey.  We have also been happy to guide guests that want to experience their first successful turkey hunt!  

Hunters under age 12 MUST be accompanied at all times when hunting with a firearm or crossbow by a licensed hunter aged 19 or older.  Those between the age of 19 and 30 must carry proof they have completed a Hunter Education Course. 

We take g
reat pride in the high success rate we have from a beginner hunters to turkey calling champions!

Feel free to contact us to discuss your Nebraska turkey hunt with Brady Thomas at: 
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