Heritage Outfitters Nebraska provides guided turkey and deer hunts on exclusive private lands in western Nebraska. Our turkey hunts include Rios, Merriams, and hybrids, and our deer hunts include mule-deer and whitetail.

Our turkey hunts are conducted on over 40,000 acres of private land.  The landscape is a mixture of pristine alfalfa filled valleys, mature tree lined creek systems, cedar filled canyon’s and various crop planted fields.  We manage the harvest based on several roosting sites, the amount of birds occupying each roost, as well as how many we target to harvest from each. Proper management insures each hunter the same quality hunt as the next guest

Our Mule Deer and Whitetail hunts are conducted on over 15,000 acres of private land.  The terrain is the same as our turkey properties but we hunt more open fields for the deer than we do the turkeys.

You will not be disappointed hunting with Heritage Outfitters Nebraska!