Turkey Hunts

Our turkey hunters don’t hunt over feeders or in high fences! Free range, wild turkey, fair chase hunts is what we’re about!

Our hunting styles include Spot n’ Stalk, Fanning, Calling In Birds, Run n’ Gun, and waiting in travel corridors. As the birds’ travel routes change, we adapt and use our hunting expertise to help your hunt be as successful as possible!

We have Rios, Merriams, and hybrids. Our bird population is incredible!  We have several roosts that have between 100 and 200 birds in them that winter together, as the spring breakup happens in April, they spread out over the properties in smaller groups of 20 – 50 birds.

Hunt Includes

  • 3 full days of hunting private land
  • Meals during your stay
  • A professional guide to instruct and lead you
  • Transportation to and from the hunting areas
  • Field cleaning of your turkeys

The hunts are $2000 for a 3 day, 2 bird hunt, including meals and lodging.

License fees (see below) are $128 for each bird and 1) $25 habitat stamp. You may harvest a 3rd bird for an additional $750 if you choose.

Where We Hunt

We hunt near the small town of Curtis, NE. This area is half way between North Platte and McCook, NE.

If flying commercially you need to fly into the North Platte airport. Personal aircraft can use the municipal airport outside of Curtis.

Hunter Safety

  • Hunters under 12 must be accompanied by a licensed hunter (aged 19 or older).
  • Hunters aged 12-29 must have, and carry, Hunter Safety Education license if hunting with a firearm or Crossbow.
  • Bow Hunter Safety certification is required for hunters ages 12-29 in Nebraska.


Homemade meals will be prepared for you but there is a grocery store in town if you would like to pick up some of your own snacks.

Curtis offers a few locally run resturants as well as grocery stores. If you require specific items you may want to bring them with you! Please plan to arrive before 6pm the day before your hunt starts.


For turkey ammunition, we recommend TSS loads combined with a premium turkey choke. It is very important to “pattern” your shotgun before you arrive. Pattern your gun at 40, 50, and 70 yards using a turkey head and neck target. You are looking for 10-15 pellets in the head and neck area. It is a must to use the very same turkey loads you will be using to turkey hunt with to pattern your shotgun.

Hunting Permits

Non-Resident Nebraska spring turkey hunting permits are $128 each. Non-Resident Youth permits are $8 each. Both require a $25 Habitat Stamp with the first permit purchase.

Permits can be purchased and printed online at https://ngpc-home.ne.gov.