Deer Hunts

Hunt Includes

  • 4 full days of hunting private land
  • Meals during your stay
  • A professional guide to instruct and lead you
  • Transportation to and from the hunting areas
  • Field dressing of your deer
  • Lodging is included in this hunt locally at the Valley View Inn in Curtis, NE

It’s never too early to get booked!

Our success rate is over 99%!

Currently we’re spread across 6 different ranches so you’re not hunting on top of each other.  This also allows us to keep the pressure off the deer so everyone has a successful experience.

While we cannot promise a 170″ mule deer but we have them, and some bigger. If you’re patient, you can expect to see Whitetails in the 150″ range and a few even larger.

Check out our photo gallery and our Facebook page.

Rifle / Muzzleloader

We book a maximum of 32 hunts for the rifle season and 8 for the muzzleloader season. We are hunting the same 17,000 acres that we rifle hunt on, however, a additional 6,000 acres comes available to us during the muzzleloader season!

The rifle season is during the rut and we are still seeing rut activity during the muzzleloader hunts.


No draw needed for Muleys. Permits are over the counter for either Muley or Whitetail Buck – Crossbows with scopes are allowed!


The hunt fee is $6000 for a 4 day hunt with a 100% opportunity rate.

If you harvest a bonus buck within your 4 days, it’s an additional $3000 (whitetail only).

You’re allowed 1 Muley buck and 1 Whitetail Buck, or 2 Whitetail bucks.

Hunting Permits:

Deer permits will be handled directly with us when the time comes.

The Mule Deer draw is sometime during the first few weeks of June every year.  Once the draw results come out in July, leftover tags are available as well as Archery, Rifle, and Muzzleloader.

Alcoholic Beverages:

No alcoholic beverages will be provided at any time.  Please bring your own or you can stock up at the local liquor store.  If you’re a wine drinker, there’s a limited selection in town so our suggestion is you bring what you like or stop on the way.

Consumption of alcohol is allowed after the hunt is over for the day.